How to install MentalRep on Mac OS X (Apple)

This tutorial will outline how to install MentalRep on your computer. What you will need is your team’s download link for MentalRep.

If you are an account administrator - You received a link to download MentalRep at the time of the purchase via email.

If you are a new player or coach -   Please ask your team’s account administrator for the links to download MentalRep.

Step 1)

Type or open the download link in your computer’s internet browser. A file named MentalRep will automatically begin to download.

Step 2)

Navigate to the location that you downloaded the file on your computer.

Step 3)

Double click the file. An new file will appear next to it. 

Step 4)

Drag and drop the file named MentalRep into the Applications folder

Step 5)

Delete the MentalRep file. Thank you for completing this tutorial!

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